Know about Understanding Emergency Visas for Turkey

In certain urgent situations, travelers may require an emergency visa to enter Turkey promptly. This guide provides essential information for individuals in need of an Emergency Visa for Turkey, ensuring a swift and efficient process during critical times.

What is an Emergency Visa?

An emergency visa, also known as a fast-track or urgent visa, is a special type of visa granted to travelers facing unforeseen circumstances that necessitate immediate travel to Turkey. These circumstances may include medical emergencies, family emergencies, or urgent business matters.

Eligibility for an Emergency Visa

To qualify for an emergency visa to Turkey, travelers must meet specific criteria determined by Turkish immigration authorities. While the exact eligibility requirements may vary depending on the nature of the emergency, common factors considered include:

  • Documentation of the emergency situation (e.g., medical reports, death certificates, legal documents)
  • Proof of the urgency of travel (e.g., flight itinerary, letter from employer or medical institution)
  • Valid passport with sufficient validity for the duration of the intended stay in Turkey

Applying for an Emergency Visa

Step 1: Contact the Turkish Embassy or Consulate

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate travel to Turkey, travelers should contact the nearest Turkish embassy or consulate as soon as possible. Embassy officials will provide guidance on the application process and required documentation.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Documentation

Prepare all necessary documentation related to the emergency situation, including medical reports, legal documents, or proof of the urgency of travel. Be prepared to submit these documents promptly to expedite the visa application process.

Step 3: Complete Visa Application Form

Fill out the visa application form accurately and completely. eVisa for Turkey Provide all requested information, including personal details, purpose of travel, and intended dates of stay in Turkey.

Step 4: Submit Application and Pay Fees

Submit the completed visa application form along with the required documentation to the Turkish embassy or consulate. Pay any applicable visa fees as instructed by embassy officials.

Step 5: Await Processing

Once the application is submitted, travelers must await processing by Turkish immigration authorities. In emergency situations, expedited processing may be available to ensure timely issuance of the visa.

Benefits of an Emergency Visa

  • Facilitates immediate travel to Turkey during urgent situations
  • Provides peace of mind to travelers facing unforeseen emergencies
  • Ensures timely access to necessary medical care, family members, or business matters in Turkey


An emergency visa for Turkey serves as a lifeline for travelers facing urgent situations requiring immediate travel to the country. By understanding the eligibility criteria and application process outlined in this guide, individuals can navigate the process efficiently and effectively, ensuring swift access to Turkey during critical times.